House of European History

Unity through Diversity

Imagine a house where all can come together and cherish a memory of their shared history. A place where differences are set aside. And unification is valued so that all can play an equal part in shaping a common identity. 

This was the vision for the House of European History. The foundation was first set by Hans-Gert Pöttering’s, President of the European Parliament between 2007 and 2009. 

We were commissioned to design and supervise the production of the permanent exhibition. We combined traditional methods with cutting-edge technology to engage visitors in an educational manner. We designed the Vortex of History, a twenty-five-meter high metal installation panning six floors, made from aluminum-magnesium alloy and steel. It represents the dynamism of European history and its ever-changing interpretations. Up close, the vortex behaves like an organic and living element that floats under the skylight, accompanying a visitor during their entire visit. 

Explore the socio-political dynamics that led to forming the Europe we know today. Venture back in time to an era of revolutions, catastrophic World Wars and the everlasting tension between democracy and totalitarianism. Witness key moments in history such as the Cold War and the inevitable demonstrations that led the people towards freedom and prosperity.

With our experience in collaborating with governmental institutions, we worked with the European Parliament to establish an authentic tone and narrative. And we share their commitment to give people a voice. Prepare to take part in expressing your views and learn how to keep Europe prosperous for all.