El Patio Mahou

Summer’s favorite beverage

Mahou is Madrid’s most famous beer. It was first produced in a brewery on Amaniel site more than a century ago. Its golden colors and refreshing taste make it the ideal drink on a hot summer day. It is more than just a beer.

To promote Mahou, we created a cosmopolitan twist on a classic picnic and led a temporary urban leisure experience to build customer loyalty. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city through a garden summer getaway filled with music, culture and art was within everyone’s reach at the center of Madrid.

We were in charge of conceptualizing, coordinating and crafting the content for the El Patio Mahou event. Through the design and management of the music experience along with cultural and art events, the visitors of Madrid gained a newfound experience and appreciation for Madrid’s historic and well-loved beer.