Xiaomi Mi11 Launch Campaign

Innovation at night

Filming at night has its own set of challenges. But with the launch of the Mi11 by Xiaomi, these difficulties are a thing of the past. The launch campaign of their latest smartphone gained a reach of 25.7 million views as many were curious to witness its incredible camera features.

The Mi11 is capable of filming in poorly lit and nocturnal environments. To reinforce and showcase its technological capabilities, we designed the launch campaign around the concept #InspiradoEnLaNoche (Inspired by the Night). One of the central pieces of the overall campaign is a video piece starring Miguel Ángel Silvestre, a talented Spanish actor. We also organized a digital event and a short film competition that invited users to explore the smartphone’s innovative features. Along with the presence of Miguel Angel Silvestre, who hosted the event, the competition received more than 600 submissions and 100,000 votes. The winning stories were then filmed with a Mi11 phone.

During the first week, the campaign garnered the attention of the media, which included a total of 365 articles in the press.