Wu Kingdom Helv Relic Museum

Setting the stage for a kingdom to rise

Storytelling is an age-old human activity. And with all timeless traditions, we use it as a source to create connections with others. By narrating events that create relevance, listeners can visualize taking part in a tale themselves. But how can we truly create an immersive storytelling experience? 

We crafted a monumental AV experience at a total 650 m2 with 22 high resolution projectors. The interactive floor occupies a space of 400 m2 while the interactive screen measures at 250 m2. Within this theater, visitors immerse themselves in an epic 15 minute tale on the rise of the Kingdom of Wu. It acts as a time capsule, transporting the visitor to experience the trials and tribulations of a kingdom through cinematic martial arts and painted scenes. We did not want the visitor to idly observe the story but to take part in it. With the installed motion tracking cameras, visitors can move around and shape the various projected landscapes. 

With the capacity to host 3,840 visitors a day, everyone has the opportunity to take part in history and relive stories that shaped their history. At its inception, we broke the record in creating the largest immersive and interactive screen. The project is an important milestone in our dedication to tell compelling stories while using the latest technology available. The exhibition won the Red Dot Award of 2014.