UEFA Show - Final Champions League 2013

Redefining the spectacle of football

Football has the power to bring people together across multiple generations and backgrounds. The Union of European Football Association was set to exhibit this in full force. The organization wanted to commemorate the Champions League final with a 3D show highlighting the greatest players in the history of the European football cup.

We were responsible for designing, producing and operating the mapping show which took place in Trafalgar Square, London. The multi-media content was projected on a structure made of various hexagonal shapes. It showcased several of the European Cups’ most exciting and dramatic moments in football history as well as the players that helped to create them. 

Visitors were able to enjoy historically defining scenes through an exciting AV experience. By shedding a spotlight on the legends that contributed to the spectacle of football, we celebrated their life achievements and UEFA’s dedication to keep the spirit of the game alive.