UAE Pavilion. Expo 2020 Dubai

A national pavilion that welcomes the world

World Expos are for people to come together and find solutions to issues that concern humanity. And countries that host the expos have a great opportunity to create a global microcosm where such ideas thrive with ease. The U.A.E Pavilion symbolizes its commitment in creating a connectivity of minds and to share their vision with the world. 

The U.A.E Pavilion, designed by Santiago Calatrava, serves as one of Expo 2020 Dubai’s most iconic structures. It is located at the heart of the Expo. It invites visitors into its immersive and multi-sensorial story and vision for the future. The project involves working on a space of 5,500 m2 and it contains innovative audio-visual exhibits for visitors to engage with.

We are passionate about working with institutions that are determined to narrate their story. Telling a timeless tale of sustainable values should also be reflected in the construction works. The entirety of the project is in accordance with the international LEED Platinum regulations and standards.