The BMW Painting Award

Celebrating the promise and pursuit of patronage

For more than 10 years, we have been collaborating with BMW to realize its vision as a leading patron of the arts. The BMW Painting award was created to promote painting in Spain by finding new talent and showcasing their work. Every year, artists from across Spain join the initiative and more than 3,000 works participate in this competition. The exclusive awards ceremony welcomes 1,500 guests and is attended by prominent figures such as Queen Sofia of Spain and leading personalities from the cultural sector. 

We are tasked to craft an experience commending BMW’s humanist and egalitarian quest to create public exposure for the artists. And we are responsible in creating the design, organization and comprehensive production of the event.     

The set design is adapted to the Teatro Real’s form and function. By respecting the context, the design maintains the spirit, character and charm of the theater. 

The BMW Painting Award event promotes the creation of new heritage assets while uplifting others. It is an initiative that resonates with us and our passion for cultural heritage and making the world a better place for all.