Solán de Cabras Gas Launch Event

Sparkling water reinvented

The Solán de Cabras Gas Launch Event took place in the Palacio de Neptuno, an early 20 th century building restored to host events dedicated to the arts and culture. It was an event to celebrate the launch of a sparkling water product. It prioritized multi-sensory and immersive experiences for the guests.

The event contained 6 key and defining moments. These were the 6 mini-golf course stations, the aromatic smoke bubble over the product, a choreographed aerial dance, the exquisite catering and the DJ. They all played a part in making the moment
memorable and engaging.

The event garnered the attention of various award ceremonies such as the FIP Festival of 2020 which received several nominations such as the Gold Product Launch award and the Eventoplus Awards 2020 such as the silver award for the best product presentation.