Real Madrid Experience (RME)

A journey behind the spectacle of football

Football clubs are more than just numbers. They represent the identity of their cities and districts. They have the potential to become a symbol of civic pride—a source of communal happiness.

Our exhibition and experience design for the Real Madrid Experience invites fans into the inner works of football. Through immersive experiences, visitors engage with the sport in an educational and playful manner. By learning the game techniques, tactical intelligence and team effort, visitors can foster a deeper appreciation for football.

The center covers an area of 16,000 square meters and spreads across four floors. The exhibition will narrate the history of the club, its players and its triumphs. Visitors will later enter the Sky Experience where they are taken up to the Bernabéu stadium’s panoramic terrace. Our commitment to establishing strong ties with Real Madrid is evident. 

Join us in a shared quest to unite people in their love for football. By refurbishing the stadium in its entirety and providing the museological intervention, we hope to craft a unique milestone in telling an exhilarating tale of Real Madrid’s journey and its importance for Madrid and the world.