Qasr Al Watan

A palace for the people

When we think of seats of power, guarded fortresses and opulent palaces spring to mind. These are exclusive spaces reserved for the elite. But have you heard of an inclusive palace?

Qasr Al Watan, or Palace of the Nation, is a new cultural landmark in Abu Dhabi that is open to the public. It stands as a testimony to the spirit of the UAE’s leaders. And with our technical implementation, we helped to realize a narrative that is both grand and inviting. 

In collaboration with Miral, we crafted an interactive space that gives visitors knowledge on a variety of topics such as governance and craftsmanship. The exhibition hosts a variety of artifacts such as historical documents that represent different fields of knowledge as well as presidential gifts. 

Qasr Al Watan is a unique palace. Rather safeguarding its power, it shares it. The palace inspires future leaders. This is how we create an environment of transparency and trust.