Net Zero

Creating a sustainable exhibition by both name and nature

Net Zero presents a transformative journey of discovery that brings to life the exhibition theme (carbon neutrality) through its creative essence and design elements, encompassing the curation of artworks, museography, and graphic design.

The exhibition showcases 27 artworks curated by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Saudi Arabia, featuring a selection of international and local artists who share a professional focus on addressing issues like sustainability, the climate crisis, geopolitics and environmental discourse. The exhibited artworks, ranging from local artists like Dina Haddadin, Mohammed AlFaraj and Zahrah Al Ghamdi to international artists like Bright Ugochukwu Eke, Superflex and Philippe Parreno, among many others, reflect the state of the artist’s conceptual approach, providing an exploration of our world’s multifaceted reality and addressing the aspects of living on this planet and our consequential impact on it.

The design challenge lay in crafting a holistic creative concept that consistently communicated the theme across all facets of the exhibition. This approach intertwines the physical and graphic aspects of the exhibition, ensuring a cohesive and legible message. The theme, the artworks and the exhibition space ensure that the concept design, as well as the sustainable materials and construction processes, are in perfect harmony with the exhibition’s message. To this end, various creative principles guided the design language: organic, natural, open, immersive, and sustainable.

In terms of construction, Net Zero marks the first instance of 3D printing concrete being employed at such a grand scale as a backdrop for an exhibition. We printed off-site and created a modular system that can be taken inside and outside the gallery. In this way, the walls can be transported and reused in different locations.

To convey the net-zero concept, all the elements designed and delivered by ACCIONA Cultura will have a second life when the exhibition finishes, adhering to a zero-waste philosophy. This commitment extends beyond materials to embrace sustainable production techniques and transportation, encompassing everything from large pieces such as the exhibition walls and artwork supports, to the smallest details like labels and the accompanying tote bags, catalogues and other printed materials.

Creating a net-zero exhibition by both name and nature also means sustainable investment in and impact on the community—a key commitment shared by Ithra, ACCIONA Cultura and the broader Saudi Vision 2030 initiative.