National Museum – Sultanate of Oman

A museum striving towards social innovation

Most museums follow a simple chronological pattern in telling their history. But the National Museum of Oman takes a holistic approach in museography. It is a place that provides opportunities for expression and innovation, where one can transfer traditional skills and knowledge from one generation to another.

We carried out the technical and museographic implementation of the project from the replicas to the audiovisual experience such as the 4K display at the museum theater. With a total of 14 permanent galleries and around 5,500 artifacts, visitors can appreciate the rich history that shaped the nation from the earliest evidence of human settlements to the present day. Oman’s maritime legacy is celebrated with life-sized replicas of its vessels to give visitors a sense of scale. 

Social innovative ideas make this museum stand out. Our shared commitment towards accessibility in museums is evident. It is the first museum in the Middle East that caters its experience to the visually impaired and the first in Oman to provide a relaxed experience for people with reduced mobility. 

The National Museum Oman is one of the first projects that is part of a large plan to revamp the cultural heritage sector in the nation. We set its museological groundworks and hope it serves Oman as an important precedent to inform the next stages of development.