National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. ARQVA

Giving new meaning to life underwater.

Beneath the surface of the oceans lies a physical record of human activity. There is a forgotten world of sunken cities, lost harbors and shipwrecks waiting to be discovered. 

The National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, or ARQVA, sheds light to ancient maritime activities across the Mediterranean. To invite visitors into a seemingly inaccessible subterranean space, we presented a new and inviting manner of exhibiting and understanding underwater archaeology. 

Within the museum, there is a floor that is below sea level and its exhibition is divided into two main blocks. In the first block, visitors are taught the methodology of the profession through interactive exhibits. In the second block, visitors experience an immersive world of maritime navigation. We created an archaeological spectacle with a scenographic approach in mind. Although we highlighted the artifacts in a chronological format, we maintained an ambience that respects the context in which they were found.

By providing a progressive museographic implementation, we celebrated the museum’s commitment to working with new technologies so that we can bring old stories to life. And thus, the museum experienced an increase of visitors and continues to serve as a link between society and heritage.