Museum of CajaGranada, Memories of Andalusia

Celebrating the roots of Andalusia.

The southernmost region of Spain is teeming with rich stories and impressive monuments. It prides itself as a birthplace of several timeless Spanish traditions. Andalusia helps to give Spain a character that the world recognizes and adores. The Museum of CajaGranda, Memories of Andalusia, invites visitors to delve deeper into its cultural roots. 

Our responsibilities were to provide the design, technical development and museographic implementation of the project. As a result, it is both a museum space and a cultural center. It maintains a delicate balance between scenography and interactivity. We wanted the visitor to observe and engage with the story behind Andalusia which is divided into 4 main themes: “The Earth”, “The Villages”, “The People” and “The Arts and Culture”.

With various exhibition mediums such as a 40-meter timeline, 4 spectacular 36 meter panoramic screens and priceless archaeological artifacts on display, visitors can learn about the region from its prehistoric past to contemporary life. Our dedication to sharing the beauty of Andalusia through museology granted us the European Museum of the Year award in 2011.