Museum of Almeria

A museum that uncovers the layers of archaeology through architecture

Telling the story of archaeology is to unveil rich and superimposing layers of history. Almeria bears such traces of the past and invites visitors to learn how each defining era played a role in shaping the city from the Neolithic era until contemporary times. 

The museology approach centers around a stratigraphic column that vertically spans across 3 floors. Although the design is progressive in nature and highly conceptual, it pays respect to the methodology conducted by archaeologists. Through this scenography, visitors can understand the content of various civilizations that played a role in shaping Almeria today. This is supplemented by various interactive exhibits and educational drawings that unravel the archaeological layers of the city. By combining a unique design methodology while upholding international standards of display practices, the museum provides a unique visitor experience. 

Our work for the museum, which included the design, technical development and museographic implementation, received a Special Commendation during the European Museum of the Year 2008 awards.