Life and Work of Frida Kahlo

An untold story of a feminist icon

Frida Kahlo’s life and work continues to be admired and discussed by many. Yet her suffering and tormented love life take center stage. Our scenic work of art offers a contemporary interpretation of the artist. The exhibition celebrates her life as a woman, painter and an icon. 

We created, designed and promoted the scenic work of art to produce an unprecedented audiovisual experience. The result celebrates Frida’s creative journey. It imbues the space with a vibrant and colorful spectacle that mirrors her imagination. Frida’ visionary power can leave a unique and everlasting impression on visitors. Her animated paintings, along with texts from her recently discovered diary, represent the central axis of the immersive experience. 

Timelessness is what best describes Frida and her work. Our goal is to replicate those ideals. The scenic work of art is carbon neutral and is in line with a sustainability master plan. We also worked with local authorities to plant trees in Mexico and Spain in honor of Frida. And the entire process is endorsed by the UNE EN ISO 20121:2013 certificate.

Her life and work left a positive imprint on us. And we hope to share her values with the rest of the world. Life and Work of Frida Kahlo aims to empower women and inspire artists across the world as it has done so in Spain, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia and China.