La Quinta del Sordo, Museo del Prado

If paintings were to speak, what would they say?

ACCIONA Cultura collaborated with Phillipe Parreno, a contemporary French artist, to create a  40 minute audiovisual experience at the Prado Museum. By using cutting-edge image and sound technology, Parreno’s interest in questioning reality, memory and fiction helped him to recreate Goya’s vanished home. It was the place where he made the “Black Paintings”. By immersing visitors in the acoustic print of the lost space, the art begins to communicate to the viewer. 

Parreno’s technique helps to accentuate the painting’s dizzying terrors and unsettling wickedness. The cinematic yet haunting rendition creates an ambient portal in time plagued by depravity and war. 

Yet despite its brutality, it is a cautionary tale of people’s ability to wield and inflict injustice. Individuals possess an insatiable will to attain power. But at what cost? La Quinta del Sordo may help you reflect the human psyche and relish in Goya’s talented yet tortured mind.

La Quinta del Sordo represents one of our first projects working with a renowned contemporary artist. Yet it is another achievement in our commitment to create exciting stories through art and technology. This can be seen in our collaborative work with Daniel Canogar at the Prado Museum and the Wu Kingdom Helv Relic Museum.