Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

A story of roots and routes

Crafting a story of a community scattered across the world is a museological challenge. But when its people are resilient to remain a single family, prepare to immerse yourself in an inspiring tale of justice and belonging.

With the aid of an international scholarly council, ACCIONA Cultura and Ralph Appelbaum Associates collaborated to create a unique and authentic interpretive plan that celebrates the Russian Jewish community. We carried out the entire development of the client’s concept and design. This allowed Moscow to host one of the largest museums on Judaism in the world. It became a place that promotes constructive dialogue between Russia’s multi-ethnic communities. 

The exhibition, housed in a Modernist transportation depot, explores the origins of Judaism, the migration era and daily life in the shtetls, or Jewish towns. It recounts how the world’s dramatic events from the Russian Revolution to Perestroika affected the people of the community. This is done so through high-quality audiovisuals and interactive technologies. They provide visitors an intimate insight into personal stories of traumas and triumphs in an engaging yet sensitive manner. 

The Russian Jewish community defied a destiny towards peril. They rose out of the ruins of the twentieth century to spread a positive message. Our experience in creating remembrance museums helps to support values striving towards peace and tolerance.