Hajj, The Journey Through Art

A journey to the heart of Islam

Hajj, or pilgrimage, is one of the five main pillars of Islam. It is a deeply personal journey in which every Muslim must take once in their lifetime. Although material culture has changed over the centuries, the spiritual importance of Hajj has not.

Hajj, The Journey Through Art invites visitors to explore the routes taken by the pilgrims and their stories over the centuries. The rituals and history are depicted through more than 200 artifacts. The pieces on display, thanks to the collaboration from international partners, came from the British Museum and other institutions. Some artifacts are of immense cultural value as they date back to the seventh century A.D. 

The technical and museographic implementation of the project places an importance on light. It has always played a critical role to evoke a sacred ambience. Scenography is key to creating a place of meaning and importance. By drawing inspiration from the aesthetic values of a culture, their objects can be told under an authentic light.