Grand Egyptian Museum

Modern monumentality for ancient grandeur

Stories of pharaohs and pyramids continue to captivate our imagination. A museum of epic proportions must be made to reflect its history. But how does one convey this with a contemporary twist?

We were privileged to take part in making history at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). We provided the technical and museographic implementation and this can be seen across 4 different areas. They comprise a total of 12,000 square meters.

The Atrium hosts the great statue of Ramses II. The Grand Stairs takes visitors along a corridor filled with sculptures. The interactive Children’s Gallery is a space to inspire the next generation of cultural heritage enthusiasts and professionals. The Tutankhamun Gallery allows visitors to explore the young king’s life story. Artefacts and tactile models presented for the visually impaired depict Tutankhamun’s life all through the famed king’s outer burial chamber. Witness the final resting moments before the chamber was sealed shut for more than 3,300 years. 

Our experience in crafting archaeological museums is on display again. The Grand Egyptian Museum is the largest archaeological museum in the world with significant emphasis on accessibility.