Flamenco, Flamenco by Carlos Saura

Crafting the magnus opus of flamenco storytelling through cinema.

Flamenco is one of Spain’s greatest forms of artistic expression. It is a passionate art that tells a story with song and dance which can convey varying emotions. And to capture this tale is not an easy task. It is a fitting challenge reserved for one of Spain’s greatest filmmakers with a keen eye in showing the character Spain regardless of the era.

“Flamenco, Flamenco” is a musical and dance film by Carlos Saura. His vision for the masterpiece film is a multi-sensorial cinematic experience that prioritizes visual fluidity over didactic explanations. Yet he captures the traditions and history of the Flamenco with vigor and authenticity. Our collaborative work with Carlos Saura focused on bringing his vision to life through the production, promotion and commercialization of the film. With photography direction from the Oscar award winning Vittorio Storaro and the musical direction by Isidro Munoz, we set out to create a cultural milestone that blends cinema and our Spanish heritage. 

Intangible cultural heritage is about personal belonging and identity. Our mission in creating this film was to foster social cohesion through the power of cinematography.