Fireworks of the Apostle

Biblical footsteps told in color and light

The 25th of July holds a special place in the hearts of many in Spain and across the world. It is a day to venerate Saint James, the patron saint of Spain and one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus. 

Each year, the city of Galicia organizes celebrations in his honor. We participated in these celebrations to promote timeless traditions that define the city’s legacy and to breathe new life into such festivities through technology. Our dedication to promote Spain’s cultural heritage granted us the opportunity to realize the Fireworks      of the Apostle on 14 different occasions. Our efforts for the show have been awarded the Best Cultural Event in Europe at the Bea World awards and the Grand Prix of the Jury at the Eventoplus awards.

We were chosen to design, produce and operate the mapping show using projections and 3D effects to create an immersive experience unlike anything seen before in Galicia. We were also responsible for delivering the fireworks. The story of Saint James and the importance of Camino de Santiago is told like never before.

Highlighting our cultural values the green way is what we do best. Our commitment to sustainability is also on full display as we achieved a carbon neutral result with this event.