Experience Al Jazeera

Empowering the informed

The news can be entertaining. It can also be heart wrenching, forcing us to face difficult facts of the world around us. But by gathering information, we make better decisions for ourselves and our loved ones.

“Experience Al Jazeera” is committed to this cause. 25 years of pioneering efforts to establish media freedom are on display for you to uncover. With a team of 80 specialists, we designed and implemented the museographic approach to best celebrate these accomplishments.  

The exhibition contains 6 major sections which occupies an area less than 1,000 m2 and contains a total of 25 audiovisual productions. It highlights the network’s journey to becoming a global news powerhouse. Objects related to broadcasting technology are shown to exemplify Al Jazeera’s adaptability to rapid technological change. Despite such advances, they remained steadfast in their values. The Wall of Ethics and awards exhibited are a testament to their obligations as journalists.

Visitors can gain an introspective look at the challenges the network has faced. But overcoming them resonates with our values. They focused on the human story first and foremost.