An experiential event with the largest social media exposure in history

There is nothing like the sound of the waves, laughter and music at the beach. Our goal for the fifteenth anniversary of Desalia, the most sought-after experiential event for Gen Z, Millennials and young people across Spain, was to take this feeling to the next level. We set out to make the grandest event in its history.

We coordinated the transportation and accommodation to get 1,000 people on board to enjoy live music and a leisurely experience in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The guests were invited to stay at the house where the rum was first made as part of its fifteen years of ongoing production. Along with actors, artists, influencers and streamers, the party went on and lasted for nine days and seven nights. Like the other three Desalia events we organized, we were chosen once again to carry out the content design, production, technical and artistic operation, and the organization of the event. 

But to get that experience started, we also worked with Desalia to set up a street marketing initiative in Plaza de Callao, Madrid. By recreating a beach in the heart of the city and encouraging pedestrians to share the hashtag #Desalia2022, we helped to spread the word around.

Over the four years of working with Desalia, we received thirty-three international awards, including the Grand Jury Prize for Desalia’s tenth anniversary at the Eventoplus awards and recognition in categories such as Best Brand Experience, Best Celebration Event, Best PR Event and Best Impact Event in Networks and Media among others at the FIP awards.