CLAI: Modelling with AI

Artificial Intelligence finds its muse

In this exciting collaboration between ACCIONA Cultura and a renowned Middle Eastern arts institution, we explored the combination of traditional craftsmanship with the possibilities of digital innovation, spotlighting product design through the transformative powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 3D printing.

In this experience, visitors play the role of artists as they interact with CLAI, an AI interface where they can create vases from scratch and witness their ideas come to life in real-time. This immersive encounter blends the richness of tradition and the excitement of modernity in an engaging and dynamic experience.

But that’s just the beginning! The AI model has been trained on a large collection of vase styles, allowing users to witness the creation of the pieces displayed in the exhibition. The multi-shaped vases showcased in the space have been created with 3D printing technology, revealing different levels of complexity, and integrating human creativity with technological capabilities.

This project showcases the cutting-edge use of technology in the field of product design, as it involves several innovative aspects. First, we developed a generative AI model and trained it on a large dataset of vase styles, enabling it to produce original and diverse designs based on user inputs. Second, we created a physical installation of 3D-printed vases using a material that contains a high percentage of organic matter, reflecting the fusion of nature and technology. Third, we set up a multi-screen installation that displays a virtual gallery of the user-generated vases, creating a dynamic and interactive environment. Finally, we designed and developed a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to interact with the AI model and unleash their creativity. The use of technology in this project enhances the artistic expression and the cultural value of the products, as well as the engagement and enjoyment of the users.