Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center

A united effort towards autonomy and freedom

Understanding current events requires a careful examination of the 20th century. One of the key moments that defined that century was the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Despite the hardships that ensued after its collapse, the first president of the Russian Federation, Boris Yeltsin, supported the rights for Soviet republics to gain greater autonomy and ensure stability. This center celebrates his life and career achievements. 

We were responsible for the museographic implementation of the permanent exhibition at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential center. The multi-purpose center contains various artifacts from his service. They are brought to life through a large number of audiovisual exhibits and interactive mediums. We recreated the Kremlin office with its original furniture pieces, the Politburo meeting room and chaotic environments that characterizes the attempted coup of August 1991. Through our approach in scenography, we intended to immerse the visitors in the key dramatic moments that shaped contemporary Russia. Despite the challenges of creating a museum dedicated to a recent memory, this helps to foster an understanding of how such crucial events played a role in defining the world we live in today.

Our determination to learn from those that played a role in shaping history and to translate it into a museum experience granted us the Kenneth Hudson Award in 2017.