Asia Pacific BMW Dealer Convention

Showcasing the world’s leading producer of luxury automobiles

Not every automobile company can celebrate a century’s worth of work. We wanted to craft an event for BMW that compliments its dedication towards excellency.

The Asia Pacific BMW Dealer Convention in 2019 was a 2-day event that contained 2 different set designs. On the first day, we strove to conjure a dreamlike atmosphere and included a projection system to cast the names of the attendees onto the tables. This helps to create a personal connection with the event and its purpose to celebrate a new era of automobile technology. 

The stage was also transformed to showcase various places around the world through mapping projections. On the second day and after seven hours of work to convert the space, we opted for a modern and futuristic ambience. This was intended to create a business and collaborative environment. By choosing an octagonal setting, this encouraged the guests to network. And as a concluding statement, we gave visitors a special surprise by showcasing the latest BMW models. We were also responsible for creating a new edition of the event which was repeated in Palma de Mallorca in 2022, where the new flagship electric car, the BMW i7, was showcased.

The convention we set to create celebrates and mirrors the timeless and ever fulfilling values behind BMW’s promise to deliver quality automobiles.