Al-Shaheed Park Museums

Bridging the old city with the new through remembrance and nature

The Al-Shaheed Park Museums, comprising the Habitat and Memorial Museums, have distinct key messages but share one common goal: to make the world a better place.

The first part is the Memorial Museum. It shows Kuwait’s four critical moments in history. Citizens and expats alike are able to acknowledge the courage and sacrifice of those who served the nation. In turn, the exhibition helps them to realize their role to work for peace. And for such ideals to thrive, we must also act as good custodians on Earth. The second part of the project is the Habitat Museum. The diversity of the natural habitats of Kuwait are on full display through interactive programs and scenographic exhibits. 

Along with the design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, we provided the museographic implementation of the permanent exhibition within these two museums. Visitors are expected to engage with state-of-the-art interactives. Audio guides are used with presence detection systems and are activated through various multimedia equipment to create a streamlined experience.