Across the Cyclades and Western Anatolia

Forging paths towards civilization

The world was a different place 5,000 years ago. Humans began to settle and create farming communities. They buried their loved ones with ritualistic care. And they created durable tools to ensure a destiny of prosperity. This era was known as the Bronze Age.

Across – The Cyclades and Western Anatolia During the 3rd Millennium BC is a temporary exhibition at the Sakip Sabanci Museum which explores life on the Aegean shores during the pre-Classical era. It was a time long before the golden years of Pericles and Aristotle. But it was still an era rich in material culture thanks to the strengthening of commercial ties between the two regions. 

By working closely with the museum, we designed and developed the museographic implementation with authenticity and engagement. Visitors can explore the dynamic relationships between the two regions with the assistance of educational and striking drawings. With our interpretative approach, visitors can better understand more than 300 artifacts on display.

Archaeologists and curators are always expanding our understanding of past times. Our values are to shed light to these new frontiers of knowledge. This is how we create a better understanding of places we call home.