ACCIONA Pavilion. Expo 2008 Zaragoza

Transforming our world for the better

The ACCIONA Pavilion seeks to showcase its goals to create a sustainable world. The exhibition experience reflects its vision in providing the highest standard of infrastructural and renewable energy projects. But it is told in a highly experiential manner with the use of symbolisms. It is a precedent attempt in exhibition creation and discussing an unexplored topic at the time.

The spiral design of the pavilion serves as a symbol of transformation. The exhibition experience, which measures at a total of 1,065 square meters, is set to evoke a journey of change. The pavilion is divided into three main spaces and each one reflects the ancient elements which are Earth, Water and Air. Upon entering the Earth Zone, visitors will feel a sense of discomfort. This is done so to create a need for change and to explore further. The Water zone contains interactive and immersive spaces which are used to empower visitors as they can change the visuals of the projected ecosystem. Finally, the Air Zone, formed by a landscape of suspended spheres, highlights ACCIONA’s activities in their quest towards a sustainable world.

Our design for the pavilion along with the passion to create a green world granted us the Gold Medal for Best Pavilion at the BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) Award, the Intermedia-Globe Gold award of 2009 at the World Media Festival, the Red Dot Design Award Best of the Best of 2010, and the Art Director’s Club Award of 2011.