ACCIONA Cultura is responsible for delivering the design, museography works and maintenance of theExperience Al Jazeera exhibition which celebrates Al Jazeera’s 25th anniversary.

ACCIONA Cultura has designed the museography works and will be responsible for the maintenance of the Experience Al Jazeera exhibition for Qatar Museums which celebrates Al Jazeera’s 25th anniversary.

To deliver the exhibition, ACCIONA Cultura brought together an international team of 80 specialists including creative professionals, architects, engineers, designers, fit-out subcontractors, media producers, lighting specialists, object mounting specialists, AV specialists, metal specialists, graphic designers and installers. They worked together to showcase Al Jazeera (AJ) from its beginning to the present time.

The exhibition, which occupies an area of 780 m2 plus 125 m2 in the courtyard of the Fire Station in Doha, traces the evolution of the Al Jazeera Media Network into a global news powerhouse.  The design is a walk through the 25-year history of the TV channel from its beginnings until its present-day multi-media offerings. The exhibition displays objects related to broadcast technology, such as cameras. It also displays Al Jazeera’s Wall of Ethics and the awards it has won over the years.

The exhibition is divided into six sections: Experience Al Jazeera; The Right to Report; People-Focused Stories; News production; Growth and Expansion and Al Jazeera, 25 years on. Every section displays original pieces, which are combined with 25 audiovisual productions in total.