A thousand young people have experienced friendship, music and fun for 9 days and 7 nights in Punta Cana.

 ACCIONA Cultura was in charge of the comprehensive design of the contents, production, organisation, and the technical and artistic operation of this large-scale experience.

ACCIONA Cultura was the agency chosen by Ron Barceló to carry out the extensive organisation and production of Desalia 2022, which celebrated one of the longest and most special editions in its history, coinciding with its 15thanniversary.

One thousand young people travelled to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, from the 18th of May until the 5th of June, to enjoy an experience of 9 days and 7 nights of music, sun, beach, theme parties and activities in different locations on the island.

Working together with Ron Barceló, ACCIONA Cultura took part in the design of the event, and was in charge of content creation and development, technical production and the organisation of Desalia. The agency was also responsible for designing the artistic proposal, including contracting the large line-up of artists and arranging the hospitality. In this sense, Desalia 2022 has had the biggest line-up to date, with more than 25 artists of different musical genres from both the national and international scene, such as Omar Montes, Chimbala, Henry Méndez, RVFV, Lennis Rodríguez, Quintino, DJ Nano and DJ Barce.

Non-stop content

On its 15th anniversary, Desalia has offered a non-stop programme of 9 days for over a thousand participants, with music and fun experiences aligned with the message of the brand Vive Ahora (´Live Now´), which invites you to enjoy every moment. In many cases, it has been necessary to realise a complete transformation of the spaces which facilitated the theme parties, daytime activities, and the unending agenda of concerts. A stunning staging made up of more than 96.000 sound watts, 80 moving heads and 90m2 state-of-the-art LED screens to convert a restaurant into a party stage, and a spectacular beach club fitted out to celebrate the legendary ´Desalia night´ have perfectly symbolised what is one of the most distinctive brand experiences of Ron Barceló.

Technical and logistical challenge

The organisation and celebration of Desalia 2022 in the Dominican Republic presented a real technical and logistical challenge for ACCIONA Cultura, which had to carry out an intense search and selection of local suppliers which met the high standards of quality and could provide the optimal service required for the project.

It took more than six months of works and the participation of a team of over 60 people during the assembly, celebration and dismantling of the event to guarantee the level of excellence and the premium experience that characterises all ACCIONA Cultura projects.

For the fourth time, the agency has managed to successfully organise an iconic event like Desalia, which is a communication milestone for the brand and which, after the pandemic hiatus, has returned to normality with more enthusiasm than ever to celebrate the message Vive Ahora.

22 international awards

Desalia is the most sought-after experiential event for Gen Z, millennials and young people across Spain. ACCIONA Cultura has been part of its design, production and organisation for four editions. During this time, it has received 22 international awards, including the Grand Jury Prize for Desalia´s 10th anniversary at the Eventoplus awards and recognition in categories such as Best Brand Experience, Best Celebratory Event, Best PR Event and Best Event with Impact on Networks and Media, among others.


ACCIONA Cultura is ISO 20121 certified, which accredits the sustainable management of all its events and guarantees that processes are carried out in accordance with sustainability criteria. All its activity is CO2 neutral, so this event is carbon neutral, and all the CO2 generated will be offset by ACCIONA Cultura in clean energy projects.