The event was celebrated online with 4,000 participants.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering created a staging combining real and digital scenes supported by augmented and immersive reality.

For the seventh consecutive year, SANTALUCÍA has chosen ACCIONA Cultural Engineering to design, produce and support the organization of it Commercial Convention 2022. The leading insurance company in family protection and care has chosen a virtual event, taking into account the current health context of the pandemic.

The convention was held on 25 January and brought together 4,000 people: members of the sales team, the business environment and the direction of the SANTALUCÍA Group. The event was hosted by the Spanish actress María Castro, who for three hours was in charge of introducing the speakers and presenting the gala awards ceremony that closed the convention.

The event was notable for its high audiovisual content and the application of various technological tools with the aim of entertaining and encouraging the participation of attendees. To this end, ACCIONA Cultural Engineering set up a website that incorporated games and activities that enabled a high level of user interaction.

Likewise, in order to generate immersive effects, a scenography to immerse was created, consisting of a curved vertical panoramic LED screen measuring 20 x 4 m with a pitch of 2.9 and a total resolution of 6720×1344 pixels, and a 7.5 x 4 m screen on the floor with a pitch of 5.9 and a resolution of 1260×672 pixels with motion continuity. A multilayer system and augmented reality, supported by futuristic graphic and audiovisual resources, gave shape to the different sections and presentations.

The event featured a large technical and production deployment and included a mobile unit with 11 4K cameras, a telescopic crane with an arm of up to 7 m, Steadycam, teleprompter, synchronized recording of 7 cameras, 10 zoom rooms for live connection of all the nominees in the 22 award categories, Watchout and E2 for managing LED screens and 2 sets, in a space with a total surface area of more than 1,400 m2.

As a service area were set up production areas, dressing rooms, hairdressing and make-up rooms and rest areas, while on the set was installed the recording control rooms and the access to the mobile unit. A team of 70 sectorized personnel was also required to ensure the perfect recording and broadcasting of the event.

The scope of ACCIONA Cultural Engineering’s turnkey work included the conceptual design, scripting and content development, audiovisual production, technical supply and operation, lighting, sound, organization and integral production of the virtual event, as well as a web platform for streaming the event.


ACCIONA Cultural Engineering has the ISO 20121 certificate that accredits the sustainable management of all its events and guarantees that the processes are carried out based on sustainability criteria. All its activity is CO2 neutral, so this event will be carbon neutral and all the CO2 generated will be offset by ACCIONA Cultural Engineering in clean energy projects.