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When the pandemic emerged in early 2020 and demolished the foundations of the world we all live in, many citizens, institutions, organizations and companies all agreed—perhaps for the first time ever—that it was time to do things differently. For many, it was the realisation that sustainability was not just another trend, but that it is clearly here to stay.

It is also true to say that sustainable development does not have to be an obstacle to economic performance, a fact that applies to the world of business as well. The 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)are a great opportunity, providing us with an international tool to help us work towards this common objective. Each of the 17 goals contain specific targets that need to be met over the next 15 years in order to achieve a sustainable world by the year 2030.

The crisis triggered by the pandemic created a new landscape for the events sector, making us at ACCIONA Cultural Engineering realise that it was time to evaluate the SDGs that have the greatest impact on event management. This analysis involved a series of consultations with various different interested parties, including event managers and technicians from the company (from the Marketing and Communication, Legal, Technical and Quality departments, among others), corporate departments from the ACCIONA group, such as Procurement, HR and Compliance, as well as various customers, key suppliers and sustainability experts from other companies within the Group.

This analysis enabled us to select the SDGs that have the most impact on the events sector, taking into account the specific scope of our organisation, so we could design our Event Strategy Plan. In addition, we decided to go one step further and obtain the ISO 20121 certification from Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), an internationally recognised organisation within the sector. This certification demonstrates that our events are sustainably managed throughout their life cycle and recognises our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

Our commitment to sustainability at ACCIONA Cultural Engineering is nothing new, as we already incorporated sustainable criteria into the management of all our projects almost a decade ago. However, within this new scenario, and with the objective of meeting the goals established by the new sustainable development agenda, we are expanding the social, economic and environmental criteria that we take into account for our activities, in line with the SDGs outlined in our Strategic Plan.

We can now proudly confirm that we are the first company in the sector in Spain to obtain this certification, and that it has offset the carbon footprint of all events since 2012.

There are various different ways of doing business, with some—including the ones that guide our company—contributing towards a healthy balance between social, economic and environmental development. But sustainability is a principle that should transcend the world of business and be embraced within every aspect of our lives. Every one of us has the capacity to make the world a better place.