The event, held in an on-line format, stood out for its innovative staging and the high level of interaction of the participants thanks to very dynamic and visually stimulating graphic elements.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering has created a staging that integrates the latest technologies in augmented reality with different scenarios that have combined the digital and the real with the help of the SANTALUCÍA team.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering has been the agency responsible for the design, production and support in the organization of the Annual Sales Convention of SANTALUCÍA. The leading insurance company in family protection has trusted ACCIONA for the sixth consecutive year, opting, on this occasion, for a virtual event due to health restrictions arising from the pandemic.

The convention, held on January 26, brought together 4,000 people, members of the sales team, the corporate area and the Management of the SANTALUCÍA Group, and was hosted by the well-known presenter Manel Fuentes.

In its 2021 edition, the SANTALUCÍA Convention has opted for a virtual format that has stood out for its high audiovisual load and the application of various technological tools with the aim of informing, entertaining and enhancing the participation of the attendees. Thus, it has opted for very dynamic and visually stimulating graphic elements that have been integrated into the different sections and presentations.

ACCIONA Cultural Engineering has created an innovative staging that has integrated the latest technologies in virtual reality, with different scenarios that have combined the digital and the real hand in hand with the human team of SANTALUCÍA, giving the event the necessary spectacularity to catch the spectators. Thus, the strong focus on HD audiovisual content, coupled with the design of immersive presentations through the multilayer system and augmented reality that places the speaker immersed in the content of the presentation itself, have managed to generate a great experience.

Similarly, on the website set up for the event a space called “Lobby” was recreated in 3D, where participants could find different rooms organized by theme (Retention, Omicanality, People and Digital Transformation). The incorporation of games and chats with the heads of the different areas of Santalucía has enabled a great deal of interaction of users.

Likewise, as part of the content offered by the Convention, users had access to several motivational videos, including those of the President of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa, the National Basketball Coach, Sergio Scariolo, and the rally driver and two-time world champion Carlos Sainz.

The event featured a large technical and production deployment, which included a space on two different levels with a total surface area of more than 1,400 m2. On the upper floor there were production rooms, dressing rooms, hairdressing and make-up rooms and rest areas, while on the first floor the set, recording control rooms and access to mobile units were installed. Similarly, three cameras were needed for the production on the set, offering three different shots of the audiovisual stage, providing a professional and dynamic approach, with a team of 50 people sectored for the perfect recording and broadcasting of the event.

The scope of ACCIONA Cultural Engineering’s work included the conceptual design, scripting and content development, audiovisual production, technical supply and operation, lighting, sound, organization and integral production of the virtual event, as well as a Web platform for the streaming of the event.