The event, which was held in the Congress Centre of Malaga, was attended by around 1,000 people and was retransmitted via streaming to all the company’s offices.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño created a 2,200 m2 personalised space which incorporated a large, hexagonal-shaped immersive audiovisual room with a central stage and a total projection surface of 612 m2.

The tenor José Manuel Zapata, Mago More and the pianist Alberto de Paz participated in the event.

For the fifth consecutive year the leading insurance company in family protection, SANTALUCÍA, commissioned ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) to carry out the design, production, organisational support and logistics of its Annual Sales Convention.

The event was held on 17 January at the Congress Centre of Malaga, FYCMA, and was attended by around 1,000 people, members of the sales team, the corporate area and the Management of the SANTALUCÍA Group. It was also retransmitted via streaming to all the company’s offices. In the event SANTALUCÍA combined the past and future viewpoints, looking back at the sales objectives and results obtained in 2019 and analysing the main challenges faced in the year ahead.

“Let us continue moving forwards”, the motto of this edition

As in previous years APD’s work involved the creation of the setting and of the graphic identity of the event, which on the various supports (stage, name badges, visitors’ reception desk, etc.), reinforced the values of SANTALUCÍA and the various convention messages. To create the identity, APD used the conceptual image of a road formed by various beams of light representing the movement forwards the company wishes to embody. “Let us continue moving forwards” was also the claim chosen to characterise the SANTALUCÍA Group’s goals of progress and improvement.

APD also carried out the design and production of all the audiovisual elements and the speakers’ presentations, which supported the various contents of the event.

A 360º setting

The 2020 SANTALUCÍA Sales Convention was held in Pavilion 2 of the FYCMA, which was transformed into a totally personalised space of around 2,200 m2 with two different areas: on the one hand a 1,000 m2 area for reception, hospitality and transit areas and, on the other hand, a 1,030 m2 hexagonal-shaped room where the convention took place.

For this room, APD created a 360º surround setting in the form of a large immersive audiovisual room, consisting of a central stage and 6 projection screens with a total projection surface of 612 m2 (102 m long and 6 m high).

Six 3 DLP PANASONIC laser projectors were used for the projections each with 30,000 lumens. For the production of the various spaces 3,141 m2 of screens were required, with 77 anchor points and 410 linear metres of truss.

During the convention, the attendees enjoyed a talk by the renowned tenor José Manuel Zapata. Mago More acted as the master of ceremonies and the pianist Alberto de Paz was responsible for enlivening the act. The event was also completed with the aerial acrobatics show “THE COMPASS”. At the end of the convention, the sales awards in all the categories were presented.

A carbon neutral event

Continuing the integrated commitment to sustainability that ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño carries out in all its activities, once again the Convention will be a ‘carbon neutral’ event. The CO2 emissions associated with the event were therefore calculated in order to be offset by the OAXACAS clean energy project in Mexico, ensuring that the final balance of emissions will be equal to zero. In addition to the significant environmental contribution of this action (the project prevents the emission of between 230,000 and 250,000 tCO2 each year) compensation of the carbon footprint involves numerous social promotion initiatives that benefit the local community (most of whom are indigenous Zapotec peoples) such as reforestation work, promoting artisan production, education programmes and professional training, improvement of local infrastructures and the promotion of self-employment initiatives.