The façade of the City Council of A Coruña will serve as a giant screen for the 3D projection of the show “The Star of Dreams”.

The show, which will be held on 29 and 30 November, will be neutral in CO2. emissions.

The City Council of A Coruña, in collaboration with ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD), will start off the municipal Christmas programme with the audiovisual show “The Star of Dreams”, which will be projected on the façade of the Council building –in the Plaza de María Pita- on 29 and 30 November with various showings each day. On Friday 29 it can be seen at 19:00 h and will be repeated hourly until 23:00 h. On Saturday 30 there will be shows from 20:00 h to 23:00 h.

For the occasion APD has designed a large scale audiovisual projection which will use the mapping technique to take advantage of the façade of the Council building as a screen, using its surface and architectural volumes to create optical illusions and effects of movement.

The 3D projection will be combined with lights, music -which has been composed especially for the show-, and special effects to increase the sensation of immersion.

“The Star of Dreams” has been conceived as a Christmas story starring Isabela, a girl who travels around the city with her father and through whose eyes we discover the Christmas of A Coruña. The action if triggered by the wish the girl makes on a shooting star, which leads to a dreamlike trip around craft shops and traditional toy stores, bookshops, etc. which enhance imagination and creativity as a consubstantial element of children’s games. The dialogue between little Isabela and her father also stresses the fact that children can achieve their dreams and shape their future if they persevere and have dreams.

Sixteen projectors with a total of 372,000 lumens will be used for the projection and a 50,000 w sound system distributed in 3 towers, which will create a three dimensional and all-surround sensation.

Designed and carried out by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, the show will be committed to sustainability. Like all the shows created by the company, it will be ‘carbon neutral’; that is, the CO2 emissions related to the event will be calculated and will be balanced out in a clean energy project in Oaxaca, Mexico, thus achieving a final balance of emissions equal to zero.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño was also responsible for the “Hercules Son et Lumière” show commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Declaration of the Tower of Hercules as a World Heritage Site. In Galicia, ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño was also responsible for the design and execution of the Apostle’s Festival show of Santiago de Compostela on fourteen occasions and this show received the Award for the Best Cultural Event in Europe at the European Events Awards (EuBEA) and the Jury’s Grand Prix Award at the Eventoplus Awards in 2012.