We carry out the mapping show with which, during the month of August, Panama commemorates the fifth centenary of its capital city.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) has carried out the design, production and staging of the audiovisual mapping show with which the city of Panama commemorates the fifth centenary of its foundation.
The mapping technique consists of using cutting edge audiovisual technologies, combining large-scale immersive 3D projections, music and special effects. The projection will take place on the commemorative sculpture of the fifth centenary of the foundation of the city which will serve as a “screen” on which the audiovisual resources will be displayed.
This sculpture, which is 4 metres high and 7 metres wide, will be taken to the three locations in the city where the show will be carried out to ensure that it is more accessible to all the city’s inhabitants as it is expected to be seen by 10,000 people in total.
The show will last for approximately 15 minutes during which the most iconic moments of the city and country’s history will be shown.
The spectators will see a forest landscape form before their eyes in which they will feel immersed. The first remains of pre-Columbian cultures, such as petroglyphs and ancestral drawings, will then appear before them.
The visual and musical tale then travels to the arrival of the caravel of Seville’s Rodrigo de Bastidas and the slow progress of Núñez de Balboa through Panamanian territory.

The next step will be the construction of the city, where spectators will be able to live how symbolic elements such as the city’s cathedral emerge in the presence of personalities from the country’s history such as the city’s founder Pedro Arias Dávila, known as Pedrarias.

Less glorious periods such as the arrival of the pirate Morgan and his pillage of the city will also form part of this visual tale which also shows the city’s return to its former glory.

Finally, as the most representative element of the capital and the country, the mapping shows the construction of the Canal as a milestone in the world of engineering, with the greatest technological advances of the era. The magnificence of the construction and of the machines, of the planning and development of the canal join together in the faces of the people who devoted their lives to this work.

The end of the projection focusses on the city’s future and the next challenges it will face.

The show, which was performed for the first time last weekend can be seem again at the Colonias Infantiles del Club de Leones, in Villa Zaita, will be performed again at the Mirador del Pacífico de la Cinta Costera, on 30 and 31 August, putting the finishing touch to the acts celebrating the 500th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Panama.