APD was the company responsible for creating the audiovisual and fireworks show “The Apostle’s Fireworks” as the high point of the fiestas of Santiago de Compostela. More than 5,000 spectators enjoyed a multimedia story about the cultural importance of the Way of Saint James, the role of the women of Compostela throughout history and the city’s architectural and environmental heritage.

For yet another year ACCIONA Producciones y Producciones (APD) offered locals and tourists the audiovisual and fireworks show “The Apostle’s Fireworks”, projected on the façade of the Raxoi Palace. The show, which takes place on the night of 24 July, is the highlight of the festivals in the capital of Galicia which are held each year in honour of the patron saint of Santiago de Compostela and were declared of International Tourist Interest in 2001.

The façade of the Raxoi Palace was used as a great screen on which to share a multimedia story with all those present recalling the cultural importance of the Way of Saint James, paying homage to the women of Compostela and highlighting the city’s architectural and environmental heritage. The projection featured figures such as Rosalía de Castro and other outstanding, although less well-known, women such as the writer and publisher María Francisca de Isla y Losada, exiled singer María Valverde, poet and playwright Herminia Fariña Cobián, painter Concha Vázquez, feminist teacher María Vázquez Suárez and many others.

More than 5,000 people attended a 30-minute audiovisual and fireworks display in the Obradoiro Square that used cutting-edge technology with 3D effect projections and 4K quality, live music performed by the folk music group ‘Cantigas e Agarimos’, lighting effects and fireworks. To this end, APD used video projectors with a total power of 198,000 lumen, 48 robotic heads and 20 fixed spotlights, 50,000 w of sound power and 6,015 shell effects and 366 Kg of gunpowder for the fireworks.

As a result of ACCIONA’s integrated commitment to sustainability in all its activities, the event was “carbon neutral”. That is, the related CO2 emissions will be calculated in order to be offset through a clean energy project so that the final balance of emissions is zero.