The meeting attendees have lived a 360º experience through virtual reality glasses, with which they took a tour of the company’s emblematic projects.

The production of the audiovisual piece included filming images in record time in Norway, Canada, Mexico, Qatar, and Spain with three parallel teams that traveled a total of 350,000 km.

This year, the ACCIONA 2019 Shareholders’ Meeting offered its guests a 360º experience with virtual reality glasses in order to publicize some of the company’s most emblematic projects.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD), in collaboration with ACCIONA’s Innovation Department, was the company in charge of carrying out the production of this 6-minute audiovisual piece, which allowed attendees to immersively travel through real environments in various locations around the world.

At the same time, the shareholders and media that were present (more than 300 people), submerged themselves in an immersive experience through virtual reality glasses located in their seats, visiting company projects such as the Umm Al Houl plant, a milestone in the world of desalination and the first large-scale reverse osmosis project in Qatar that serves a population of 1.8 million inhabitants; the Follo Line high-speed railway tunnels, which are the longest in Scandinavia, measuring 18.5 km in length; the Site C hydroelectric dam, one of the largest dams in Canada that will provide clean and renewable energy to 450,000 homes; the Puerto Libertad de México photovoltaic power plant, which has 405 MWp of power distributed among 1.2 million panels; the El Perdón wind farm, built in 1994 in Navarra and a benchmark for the launching of wind power in Spain; the new Grand Egyptian Museum, where APD is carrying out the 12,000 m2 museum exhibition installation; and the Mesena campus in Madrid, comprising 104,000 m2, which will house the future headquarters of ACCIONA starting in 2021 and which is the largest urban campus in Madrid and serves as a benchmark in sustainability and cutting edge design.

For the production of the audiovisual piece, ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño concurrently mobilized, in record time, three separate recording units equipped with 8K resolution cameras and drones with 360º cameras.

The teams carried out video recordings in Norway, Canada, Mexico, Qatar, and Spain, during which they covered a total of 350,000 km using various means of transport. Among the locations filmed are beautiful natural environments such as lakes, forests, and deserts, some of which are isolated from populated areas and can only be accessed on 3.5-hour routes by car, without service stations along the way.

This whole process generated a total of 1.5 hours of footage, of which 45 shots were selected to be incorporated into the final video. To shorten the video recording and production times, a post-processing unit was employed, working in real time to upload all the content onto the cloud, thus making it possible to edit and validate the pieces more quickly as them came in.

Likewise, APD also carried out the staging design and production, which featured a panoramic curved screen of 17 meters x 4.8 meters.

Once again, the 2019 General Shareholders’ Meeting was a “carbon neutral” meeting, so the carbon dioxide emissions linked to the organization of the event will be compensated in a clean energy project.


Emporia Award Granted to the 2018 Shareholders’ Meeting

Last January, ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño was conferred the Emporia Selection Award—the most important award in Spain for ephemeral architecture—in the category of’ Best Decoration of a Shareholders’ Meeting for their design of the ACCIONA 2018 Shareholders ‘Meeting. APD was recognized for its scenographic approach, in which natural materials prevailed, in line with the ACCIONA group’s commitment to sustainability.