The new website is available in three languages: Spanish, English and Arabic.

It offers a dynamic browsing experience, with a predominance of audiovisual content: 2,270 quality images and a portfolio of 120 emblematic projects.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) has unveiled its new corporate website with an eminently visual design and new content, in line with its international positioning in four main business lines: museums & exhibitions, events, interiors, and expos.

The new website has a responsive design, enabling it be viewed optimally on any device, and it is focused particularly on offering an enhanced user experience.To this end, content is cross-selling to make it easier to find information and also to extend time on site.

Navigation is versatile and dynamic, with a predominance of audiovisual content such as videos, infographics and photos. The new website offers up to 2,270 quality images and a portfolio of 120 emblematic projects by the company with downloadable files.

The main new features of the ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño website are:

  • Content in three languages: Spanish, English and Arabic, focusing particularly on the Gulf region, one APD’s core markets, where it has a long track record of successful projects and several under way at this time.
  • The Home page gives direct access to the main sections, and contains numbers, key data and some of the company’s most outstanding projects. It provides a quick overview of APD’s leading position in the international arena.
  • The About us section describes the company, its origins, business areas, services, distinctive values and team, as well as awards it has received. In this section, users can find more information about APD’s commitment to Sustainability, Quality and the Environment, and about its principles in the economic, social and environmental areas, as set out in its Policy Book.
  • There is a specific page for each area of activity — Museums & Exhibitions, Events, Interiors and Expos — with detailed information about their services and main projects.
  • Each section starts with videos, large images and meaningful messages, providing the user with the key data about that section in a direct, attractive way.
  • In the Portfolio section, projects can be filtered by a number of criteria: area of activity, region and project type.
  • The People section is new: it enables users to view and apply for vacancies at the company, and upload their CV into the job bank for consideration for future vacancies.

The ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño website redesign was based on a in-depth analysis of the needs and preferences of the various stakeholders: employees, clients, service providers, suppliers and users in general, with a focus on clearer and more direct communication and offering personalised information tailored to different user profiles.