APD has moved its headquarters in Madrid to a new multi-purpose and sustainable space called A-Lab, designed to encourage creativity and collaborative working.

The company was involved in the conceptual design and is responsible for the interior design of the centre, which features open plan spaces and natural lighting that encourage interaction and movement.

ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) has created a new work centre concept in Madrid called “A-Lab”, which will be home to its Spanish headquarters. The move marks the start of a new stage for the company in a multipurpose and sustainable space, which will promote movement and collaborative working, reflecting its modern high-tech identity.

APD has been involved in developing the project from the outset, designing and developing the interior design project based on the requirements of the centre, from the distribution and use of the space, through to the interior decor and integral lighting, the design of the furniture and the choice of materials.

A-Lab is characterised by its open and naturally-lit multipurpose spaces, and its efficient resource use and waste management system. Designed as a space for collaborating, developing, sharing, exhibiting and hosting, it has 56 hot-desk positions that are designed to facilitate team and project work. It also features two meeting rooms, various zones for informal gatherings, a terrace that has the option to be used for outdoor working in a smoke-free zone, rest areas and a 30-seat assembly space/amphitheatre that can be used for presentations or corporate events.

With regards to resource use and waste management, A-Lab will operate as a paperless office to reduce paper consumption, with no wastepaper baskets or plastic packaging.The waste generated by the business is recycled in a dedicated zone in the office area. Furthermore, all of the spaces have natural light to help reduce energy consumption.

APD shares space with ACCIONA’s Innovation Area, to provide a setting to open up its R&D+i projects, technological developments and new businesses to start-ups, entrepreneurs and partners in a laboratory format that will encourage team diversity and the cross-pollination of ideas.

Anabel Segura, 11
Building Albatros C, 4th floor
28108 Alcobendas
Madrid. Spain
T +34 91 047 06 24