APD was responsible for putting on the audio-visual and pyrotechnic show “Los Fuegos del Apóstol”, kicking off the festivities in Santiago de Compostela on 24 July.

To put on the show, ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño (APD) used the façade of the Raxoi Palace as a giant cinema screen, offering a multimedia story about the St James tradition and the city’s connection to the Road to Santiago.

The audio-visual production used latest-generation technology with 4K quality, including 3D effects, music, lighting effects and fireworks.

Because of ACCIONA’s complete commitment to sustainability in all its activities, the event was “carbon neutral”, meaning that the CO2 emissions linked to the show were calculated and compensated by a clean energy project. The final emissions balance will equal zero.

The “Fuegos del Apóstol” show is part of the programme of festivities in the Galician capital, held each year in honour of the patron saint of Santiago de Compostela. They have been catalogued as festivities of International Tourist Interest. The celebrations, which take place this year from 18 to 31 July, have turned the streets of Santiago de Compostela into a veritable festival of intercultural diversity, showing the essence of Galician tradition, with options for all ages.