The event was celebrated on May 19th and 25th in the Palau de Congressos of Catalunya and in the Palacio Municipal de Congresos of Madrid, respectively.


The company, dedicated to managing investors’ funds and to its clients, presented its yearly results at the 14th Bestinver Annual Investors Conference, giving at the same time an overview of its investment philosophy and current situation

The event, attended by approximately 2,000 persons, was integrally developed by APD, bringing together the design and production as well as overall coordination. This edition, the ninth carried out by the company, was highlighted by an enveloping scenography composed of a curved 16 meter-high screen in the centre with 6 vertical panels measuring 6 metres high at the sides.

Parallel to the annual conference, APD also carried out the design and organization of the various encounters which Bestinver maintained with its investors in different cities in Spain. The conferences, in a more reduced format, took place in Valencia on March 5th, in Seville on March 17th, in Saragoza on April 14th, in Bilbao on April 28th and in La Coruña on June 3rd.