Last October 24th, the Red Dot Award ceremony took place in the Konzerthaus in Berlin. Our companion Eric Teunis accepted the award on behalf of ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño given to our company by the organization of the immersive audiovisual installation of the Wu Kingdom Helv Relic Museum.

The jury handed the Red Dot Design Award to ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño in the category of “Spatial Communication” for the design and implantation of the multimedia installation located in the Chinese city of Wuxi, which incorporates the world’s largest immersive screen measuring 650 square meters and has the capacity to accommodate 3,840 visitors daily.
During project development, two prestigious companies participated along with APD: the German company TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH and the Austrian company Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

The audiovisual show, 15 minutes in length, recounts the most significant passages in the history of the Kingdom of Wu (Chinese dynasty during the period between 514-496 BC) and transports the spectators to scenes that marked its evolution through a visual and sonorous journey showing landscapes, battles, palaces and cities that react to and are modified by the movement of the visitors.

*In the picture, Eric Teunis from ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño and Project Manager of the Installation, with Tobias Ziegler from TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH.