Projected last year on the façade of the Donostian city’s Town Hall to celebrate the Bicentenary 1813-2013, the audiovisual show “200 years building San Sebastian”, was the finalist for the European Best Event Awards (EuBEA), the most prestigious recognition in the sector of European events, in the category of ‘best public event’.



Designed and produced by ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño in collaboration with the Town Hall of San Sebastian, this large outdoor audiovisual show or mapping audiovisual was one of the main activities of the Bicentennial season’s programme showing the sacking, destruction and posterior reconstruction of San Sebastian during the Napoleonic Wars.

The European Best Events Awards, which have been celebrated annually since 2006, give recognition and awards to the best European events. The ninth edition of the celebration, which this year takes place in Seville on the 23rd and 24th of October, is anticipating the attendance of some 400 professionals and will have important media coverage, national as well as international.

In its new edition, EuBEA has gone one step forward and transformed the traditional event into the First International Festival of Events and Live Communication. The encounter will have an extensive program that includes training sessions, conferences and round tables as well as live presentation of the events nominated by the agencies.

A total of 163 works (56,7% more with respect to last year’s edition) were presented this year for 20 categories. Of those, only 90 have been selected and next October 24th they will have the opportunity to win the coveted Golden, Silver or Bronze Elephant. All of the agencies will have to defend their candidates before an international jury in live broadcast.

The Bicentenary 1813-2013 competes in the category of ‘best public event’ with two events in Turkey and Portugal. The list of finalists was published last week in the EuBEA web and the results can be found by clicking here.

Click here to see the video of the show “200 years building San Sebastian” on our YouTube channel